Let's get to know one another, shall we?

I'm making more of an effort to up the quantity of my blog entries throughout the week (hopefully quality won't drop).  It's hard for me because when I'm at work, I actually work (gasp!).  Don't get me wrong, I still take time out of the day to read blogs I'm following and catch up on Facebook.  I just don't leave time to actually write a blog entry.  I always think that I'll do it when I get home but end up not doing it and instead watch T.V. all night and spend undivided time with the hubby. 

Anyways, my sister is getting married in May and I'm her Matron of Honor, of course (the last detail has no relevance to this post but I wanted you to know).  She recently sent all her BM's and PA's a mail asking us to fill out a survey of likes and other things.  I know you all are dying to know this information about me, so here it is (no answers were changed from the email I sent back to my sis to what I put below):

My responses below in Pink.

  • Your favorite sweet snack –Keebler Fudge Shop Fudge Sticks or Soft Batch cookies.
  • Your favorite salty snack - Jalapeno chips, Ritz bitz, Cheetos.
  • Your favorite kind of candy – Skittles, Starbursts & Gummy Worms
  • Your favorite non-alcoholic beverage - Mt. Dew, Sunkist, Sobe Lifewater
  • Your guilty pleasure magazine, you LOVE to read, but don't currently have a subscription to – People, InStyle.
  • Your favorite hobby you like to spend time doing when you have free time - shopping (of course), watching TV, reading books
  • Your shoe size –  anywhere from a 6 – 6.5.  Sandals/flip flops/flats usually 6, everything else a 6.5.
  • favorite restaurant to eat out at – Red Lobster
  • favorite fast food place to grab lunch - Jimmy Johns, Panchero’s, Panera.
  • favorite kind of coffee - Starbucks Vanilla Frappuccino’s
  • favorite color - blue
  • You are allergic to the following things: _work, pollen, no known food allergies_________________________________________
  • When you go shopping, your favorite place to spend money is: _Express, VonMaur or Target_______________
  • What is the worst gift you received at your wedding? _we received a crocheted table cover in white – it would be a nice gift if I was 80, not prone to dropping food everywhere and had a round table.  It’s been sitting in a bag in our storage closet ever since_______________________
  • What is the best gift you received at your wedding that you did not register for? _Kitchen Aid Mixer, fleece blanket (it’s so warm but kind of ugly!)___________________
  • What is the thing you are most looking forward to on Andrea's wedding day: _Having a glass sip of champagne, getting my speech over with, having a “girls morning”, getting my hair done, seeing you done up in a dress w/ your hair & makeup done, shaking my prego groove thing on the dance floor.______________________
How would you have answered these? 

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