Throwin It Back Thursday vol. 3

I haven't done a Throwin It Back Thursday post in awhile and I think it's about time I bring it back. 

The throwback song brings me back, circa fall of 2004 - my sophomore year of college.  I was obsessed with Destiny's Child (and still am bug a boo) and more specifically at that time, this song.  That fall, my roommate Rachel & our friend Sarah decided to take a long ass road trip up to North Dakota to see Rachel's boyfriend, now fiance.  A mere 8 or 9 hour trip in an itty bitty Saturn. 

This trip brings back so many memories....shots of Hot 100, dancing in the middle of a basement on a table to this exact song, being told to go back to Iowa after making fun of their "northern" accent, Rachel's Ranch t-shirts (we each had one), beer pong, Madonna's "Like A Prayer" techno remix, laughter, the list could go on and on. 

I'm so excited to be part of Rachel's special day in June as her personal bitch attendant (and not giving birth in the middle of the dance floor).  I think the best part of our friendship is the fact that I transferred universities after the fall of '04 and we continued to remain good friends.  Even my husband and her soon to be, get along extremely well.  It's actually kind of sick how well they get along.  She was a part of my wedding and I'm glad I can be apart of hers.  This song is dedicated to you, 1/2 R-squared!

For a current selection, I've chosen Adele's "Rolling in the Deep".  I love Adele's voice and can't help but love this song (or anything by her really). 



  1. Love it!! I have "Like a Prayer" on my workout playlist and it always brings me back to that weekend at ND! I also giggled to myself a few weeks ago when I thought of you saying to Sarah, "So where can I get me one of them things?" ;) I'm glad we have so many fun memories!!

  2. I love Adele. Her voice is fantastic.


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