10 Day YOU Challenge {Fears}

Snakes & spiders.

Being kidnapped or raped.


Not being the best mom possible, disappointing my child, or having my child hate me.

Dying young or losing a child/husband (or any close family member for that matter).

Small spaces.

Getting pregnant again.  The thought of this makes me want to cry and vomit everywhere.  Not because I have a bad child just because pregnancy doesn't look good on me and my body detests it.

The dark.
I got this one from my dad, I swear.  Either way, I don't ever walk around my house without at least one light on.  My husband has shut the basement lights off on me numerous times and I've literally had tears run down my face on at least one of those occasions.  This is also why I don't go to haunted houses and if I do, I'm attached to someones arm with a grip the Hulk couldn't even break.

What do you fear?

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