10 Day YOU Challenge {Films}

Mary Poppins

This is my all time favorite movie (close tie with the Sound of Music).  I watched this almost daily as a little girl, between this, The Wizard of Oz and My Little Pony.  I used to pretend my luggage was bottomless and I could pull anything out of it.  How awesome would that be?  And to be able to use your umbrella to fly?!  Bomb!
You better believe Quinn will be watching it!  If she's anything like her mama, she'll love it.  Even my 2 1/2 year old niece watches it!

Newer release.
Just Go With It

I love Jennifer Aniston and of course Adam Sandler is always hilarious.  I watched this when it came out on DVD this summer and found it super funny.  The next day, I sat with my husband and watched it again.  One of the funnier films I've seen this year. 
I watched Bridesmaids with my sister this past weekend, while it was funny (and very naughty), I think it will be even funnier the second go around.  Sort of like Stepbrothers was for me - maybe because everyone talks it up so much that its a little bit of a let down if you're not laughing the entire time. 
Hello govner!

Netflix Queue.

This movie is the one I'm most excited about seeing out of all the movies in my queue.  I read the book, enjoyed it and am excited to see the movie. 
Hello Colin Egglesfield!
What are your favorite movies?

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