**Three Months**

I now have a three month old...where has the time gone?

The past three months have literally flown by. 

I thought people were joking when they said to cherish this time because it will be gone before you know it.  Well, isn't that the truth!

Quinn is sleeping through the night and has been consistently since I went back to work two weeks ago.
I put her down around 8 p.m. and she will sleep until about 6:30 a.m.
She still naps in the living room, usually in her swing or seat.  I've tried many times to get her nap in her crib but she refuses.

I haven't figured out if she's a morning person yet.  There are days when she is awake and is smiling like crazy when I go to get her up.  Other mornings it's a chore to get her to wake up and when she does, she's pissed.

5 ounces every 3 hours.  We're now using level 2 nipples so feedings are going a bit faster.

A whopping 11 pounds, 5 ounces.

Size 1.  She has the cutest set of buns.

Rocking 0-3 months still.  Some of her onesies are getting a little tight but she has a lot of growing room in her jammies.
My mom has said that when I was a baby, I always followed clothes size to a T.  So when I was six months old, I was in 6 months clothes...you get the drift. 
I think Quinn will follow suit unless she has an extreme growth spurt which I don't happening. 
I'm ready for her to be in 3-6 months clothes so that we have more outfit options instead of dressing her in the same clothes every week.

Deep blue.

Strawberry blonde to a light brown.

Quinn can stand up on her legs and support herself with help from us. 
She is able to bend over by herself a little bit (from a sitting position).  When she bends over, she doesn't completely fall over like every time before.
She can't roll over fully yet.  She can roll over to her sides but I think it's going to be a little while yet until she's able to completely roll over.  We do work on it a little bit though!

She is starting to laugh and continues to smile all the time (unless there is a camera in her face).
She is obsessed with the television as in, I have to turn it off to get her attention.  Exactly like someone else I know, not going to mention names but COUGH **DADDY** COUGH.  Again, not going to mention names.
She loves being at home and definitely knows where home is.
Every day that I pick Quinn up from daycare, I always get a compliment on how good a baby she is.  One lady said that Quinn makes her want to have another baby but then she works with the other babies and it completely changes her mind.

Happy three months pretty girl!  We love you!

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