A Wedding, A Family Trip And An Anniversary

Our weekend officially began on Thursday with a rehearsal and dinner for two of our closest friends that were getting married.   

Quinn received her first kiss from a boy at dinner.  Judging by how Barney reacted, I don't think Quinn's going to be able to date until she's at least 30.

Friday brought on the wedding.  Clocked at 17 minutes, it was the quickest ceremony that I have ever attended.  After the ceremony, we hopped onto a party bus to drive to a ball park for a few snapshots and then on to the reception.  The bus was fabulous and huge.  You could even use the facilites while on board...perfect!

Saturday morning we picked up our little peanut from Grandma & Grandpa's (our first night without her) and headed over to a friend's house to watch the big Iowa/Iowa State game.  That was a big disappointment as Iowa lost 44-41 in 3 OT.  We did, however, acquire a couple of Iowa onsies from our friend's neighbors who also just had a little girl.

Sunday we took a family road trip over to Galena, Illinois to eat lunch, do a little shopping and to celebrate our anniversary.  We have never been to Galena and have heard good things about it.  We parked our car downtown and walked around the rest of the afternoon.  Downtown Galena is basically a tourist trap where the streets are lined with little shops and restaurants.

We ate at this delicious burger joint called Durty Gurt's.  I bought a bottle of wine from Massbach Ridge Winery called Daffodil which is a sweeter white wine, comparable to a Moscato.

Today is our second anniversary.  We're not going to do much other than make dinner, drink a little wine and decorate Quinn's room.


  1. Hi, visiting from Mingle Monday! Quinn is so cute! Love the wedding photos. Happy Anniversary!

  2. found you on Mingle Monday!

    your little girl is so beautiful and I just Love her name!

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  4. Hey chicka, I love your daughter's name. Also, do you know if that wine is sold in regular stores or wine shops? I like sweet wine, Moscato is one of my favorite's. Happy Anniversary to you and the hubs. XOXO

  5. YUMMMM I love love love moscato! I think i might go crab a glass now while watching wrestling :)
    This is a beautiful weekend! The wedding the baby and the flowers :) Its always great to have a nice weekend :)

    Following from the blog hop :) hope you can follow back :)


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