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Yesterday, I ran the Run for Red benefitting the Gateway Area American Red Cross.  Not only was I excited to run my first 5K of the year but knowing it was going for a great cause made it that much better. 

The race had 130 participants registered and 70 volunteers.  They were able to raise $4300 to support the American Red Cross as well as save 27 lives as a result of the blood drive held that day. 

First off, my experience with competitive races is pretty non-existant.  I ran a 4 mile race a few years ago and the race packet included a bib and cotton shirt and nothing else.  At the end of the race, the food and drinks were pretty sparse so I was completely amazed at everything this 5K had to offer.

I picked up my race packet on Friday night.  I received a reusable bag with a very nice run long-sleeved race shirt (had the feel of Under Armor but not probably as warm or as nice), some information sheets including the race route, a gift-card which by the way isn't a true gift card (deceiving!) and my race bib. 

Race day it was around 37-39 degrees (or so said my car thermometer).  The wind was okay - not as bad as it had been around here last weekend and throughout the week - but there was still a bit of a breeze. 

As far as the course went, we basically ran through a residential neighborhood twice.  One small loop for about 1.25 miles (my guess) and a bigger loop for the rest. 

My goal was to run under 25 minutes.  Based on the times I had been running during "training", I thought this was highly attainable.  The only split I heard was 7:38 at mile one. 

Two thumbs up for not winning!

I ending up making my goal with 23 seconds to spare.  I came across the finish at 24:37.9 which was a 7:57/mile pace.  I was the 33rd person across the finish line, the 9th woman and placed 4th overall in my age division (20-29).  I even came home some hardware - a bronze medal.  OH YEAH!

At the finish line there was loads of foods (fruit, granola bars, pretzels, doughnuts, bagels, etc), water, and even an energy drink sample.  They also gave away lined bags which were pretty fancy.   I grabbed what I could, got my medal and we headed over to Pizza Slut so I could feed my face with pizza and Mountain Dew.  I don't know, I heard that's what your supposed to do post race - load up on carbs and fat after you spent 25 hard minutes working breakfast off.

Overall, I was impressed with everything.

I signed up for a 5 mile run on Thanksgiving morning.  I'm hoping for great weather and 8 minute miles. 

Moral of this story is that you can have a baby and 5 months later be race ready.  I'm proof so if I can do it so can you!  Now go lace up those sneakers and run.

The cutest way to show off the hardware.

I got this really brilliant idea that I would work off my Pizza Slut by doing No Trouble Zones last night. I know, over achiever.  Today I feel like I rode a horse. Not smart, not smart.

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