Halloweenie + 4 months

Monday was a first for many things for Quinn.

Quinn's first (and only - duh!) four month appointment.
Quinn's first Halloween.
Quinn's first experience eating rice.
Quinn's first word spoken and it was "momma'....KIDDING.  It would be fun though if she could.

We started the morning off bright and early around 7:30 AM (I could of and should have slept in).  I wanted to give Quinn a bit of time to wake up, play and to take a little nap before her checkup at 10:15.  Two months ago when I scheduled the appointment, I didn't really think about time in relation to naps because Quinn was still sleeping whenever she felt like (and still does to some extent).
Happy Baby!

Her 4 month check up went exceptionally well.  She's as healthy and developmentally sound as she can be.  Of course, she's still a little nugget. 

Side note: Have I ever told you all how much we love our pediatrician?!  He's awesome and just talks to you.  He doesn't try to sound overly smart and all doctory and is very respectful. 

Weight: 13 pounds, 1 ounce; 25 percentile.
Length: 24 inches; 25 percentile.
Head: 42 3/4 cm; 95th percentile.

Other stats: Quinn is sleeping 7 pm to 7 am on a regular basis.  She can roll over from tummy to back when propped up on her elbows and can roll over from back to tummy on her own.  She's now eating 6  - 8 oz of formula every 3 hours plus rice once a day.  Quinn can talk your ear off, seriously, when I leave her laying around and she doesn't have her pacy, she'll talk and talk and talk!

At this appointment, the doctor was less concerned about her head size because she's following her curve.  Also, he's never concerned with her weight and height because of the genes given to her. 

Quinn received two shots and an oral.  She did much better this time.  There was still crying but I was able to calm her down pretty quickly.  She was out like a light before we even got to the car.  I think the meds I gave helped quite a bit with that one. 
Quinn was spent from shots and proceeded to take a 3-4 hour nap so I finally was able to go to the craft store (think a yarn wreath and tutu's!), mall to get my bling cleaned and Wal-mart for a few odds and ends.

I got the okay to start feeding Quinn rice so I started that day.  She was a little skeptical about getting fed via spoon.  I also think she wasn't getting fed fast enough so she was getting pretty upset.  It's zero to sixty with the girl.  When it's feeding time, it's feeding time!  She does not mess around.

Tuesday and today went much better.  She fully understands what's on the spoon and that she's supposed to be eating it.  She even tilts her head up so momma can put it in her mouth.  I did alternate between giving her a few spoonfuls of rice and following it up with a few drinks of formula.

First spoonful. 
In case you're wondering, her bib does say "High Chair Hottie".

We had trick or treating in town on Monday night, so we of course dressed Quinn up.  She was a kitty and an extremely cute one at that.
She made it for maybe 30 minutes of greeting trick or treater's at the door and decided that she needed a cat nap.

I think we have at least 5 pounds of candy leftover.  My ass won't thank me but my belly will.

I'm probably going to turn into a Snickers!

Happy Belated Halloween!


  1. Who's your pediatrician?

  2. What a cutie pie you have! I love her little cat costume - adorable :) Thanks for stopping by my blog...following you back!



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