Eff, Marry, Kill vol.2

Because it was so much fun the first go round, let's do it again! This time I'm featuring this year's "Sexiest Man Alive" and a couple of past winners. Right here is some serious eye candy (and you're welcome).

Are you done drooling? Seriously, wipe your mouth. You gotta little...right there, no there...there you go. Wow, these are some fine lookin' fellas!

Let me just say that this was such a difficult decision. Can you blame me? Just look at them, again, for the umpteenth time. Oh my! 

So, I would eff Bradley Cooper because really, who wouldn't? 

I would have to marry Ryan Reynolds even though I know we'd end up divorced because I don't think he's really marriage material. He's a pretty face I wouldn't mind waking up to every day. Plus, I would probably cheat on him with Bradley...duh! 

I'm saddened to say that I would have to do off with Hugh. He would make great husband but Ryan and Bradley are more my style and I just couldn't kill either of them.

What do you all think?

Oh and p.s. I still love my husband! I asked him the first time I participated in this who he would eff, marry and kill between Amy Poehler, Tina Fey and Chelsea Handler...what do you think he chose?



  1. Good choices! I'm with you, I'd eff Bradley Cooper, marry Ryan Reynolds (so I could look at him all day, every day) and sadly kill Hugh because he kinda annoys me.

  2. I would have to change it around for me. The killing would go to Bradley. He irks me. I guess Eff Hugh....Marrying Ryan is obvious.

  3. Definitely marry Ryan. Definitely. Swoon.

  4. Eff Hugh
    Marry Ryan - swoon
    Kill Bradley - I don't understand how people find him attractive?!

  5. Good work, these are definitely some gorgeous men!
    But I think I would have to switch my answer around and eff Ryan Reynolds, marry Hugh, and kill Bradley Cooper! Gasp, I know. I'm appalled I had to write that last part, too!

  6. i love these choices!! hard to narrow them down :)

  7. OMG, I don't think I can decide. Love them all, LOL!

  8. way to make this the hardest eff, marry, kill EVER!

    Eff- B. Coops - I'd be so worried about EVERY WOMAN ON THE PLANET wanting him, i'd rather just cut ties after a night haha

    Marry- Ryan Reynolds- I don't blame him for Scar Jo

    Kill- Hugh Jackman- little too old for me : )


  9. What a good theme!! I would eff Hugh, marry Ryan..and bye-bye Bradley.

  10. I like your choices! Is it possible to eff them all and just call it a day? No? Ugh, okay. I'd probably take your picks. Eff Bradley, Marry Ryan (I am madly in love with the man after all) and kill Hugh (unfortunately).

  11. Eff Bradley because he makes my lady bits very excited.

    Kill the other two because, who were they again? I got distracted by thoughts of Bradley in bed.

    Marriage is overrated.


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