A Family Mess

Want to see a mess?  Come over to my house any day of the week and check out my kitchen table.  Clutter...everywhere. 

Want to see an even bigger mess?  Come over and check out the layer of makeup film that has taken up residence on my bathroom counter.  How I manage to consistently get makeup all over the place, is still a mystery to me.

To me, these are everyday, take little to clean up type of messes and clearly I'm a lover of mess.

When I think of real messes, it's not the everyday messes I'm faced with, it's the messes my mom was unfortunately had to deal with on a regular basis with my sister, brothers and I.  These types of messes are messy then and funny now. 

See, my mom keeps a tight, clean ship.  Always has, always will.  So messes to her is like not working out and not being awesome to Richard Simmons...it just doesn't happen. 

If you were a member of my family, you would remember these little gems and laugh, whereas my mom probably still cringes at the thought of them.

Like the time, my sister in a fit of rage, slammed a gallon of milk onto our kitchen table.  The milk jug burst and milk flew everywhere...and I mean everywhere.  Who knows what my sister was so mad about, it definitely had something to do with my mom, but nonetheless it lead to my sister on her hands and knees mopping up her big old mess (and then my mom probably mopping and fixing her clean up later).

Or the time my sister decided to pour the dog food into the doggie food container, only to pour the entire contents of the bag everywhere else but the container.  Somewhere, there is a picture to prove this.

Or the time my younger brother shat all over my cute little Fisher Price table.  That pretty little yellow and orange Fisher Price picnic table that I received on one of my very special birthdays (which was probably more of a fiasco than a mess).  He took a crap which oozed out of his tiny little shorts onto my pretty little perfect table.  I freaked out and attempted to clean it up - probably with my hands.   But I think the bigger mess was the clean-up of those tiny little shorts on my moms part.  By the way, my parents still have the picnic table (20ish years later) but don't worry, there are no poop remnants.

How about the time my older brother crapped his pants in the chicken coop?  I'm sure that was a big old mess for mom and her washer.  (He also threw a rock through a television!)

Or the times, I, as a little girl, sat and played to my little hearts content in the middle of a mud puddle.  Probably a messy nightmare to most any mom.

Or all of the times we were told to hose down before we could even step foot through the door...everyday!  I guess there's a whole slew of messes kids can get into when living on the farm.

Just a bunch of messy kids creating a bunch of messy messes for a mom to clean up (isn't that their job?).

Being a new mom myself, I look forward to not only clean up the messes of my children but also creating messes with them.  There will be many, I can count on that.  Things are not meant to be perfect and a mess here and there is good for the soul.  Isn't it known that the bigger the mess, the more fun you're having!

See, messes equate to cuteness too!  I would probably kiss that sweet little mouth, even with all that rice on it.  Isn't having an infant just one big mess as it is?

How many times can each of us go back and say, wow, that was messy and just laugh about it.  Isn't it the messes that make the best memories?

Here's to a mess or two in your near future,

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