I believe...

I believe…that rolling the windows down, turning the music up and singing as loud as one can eases almost anything
I believe …I’m a better singer in the shower
I believe in… girl time and wine.
I believe in…date nights without the babe.
I believe…that being a mom is hard work but it’s the most rewarding.
I believe…getting lost in a book is the best.
I believe in…iced coffee.
I believe in …karma.  It really is a bitch.
I believe in…being yourself instead of the person you think others want you to be.
I believe in…running to take the stress away.
I believe…that cooking good food is the way to any man’s heart.
I believe in…sleeping half the day away.
I believe in…family snuggle time.
I believe…that women who say they don’t like drama are usually the most dramatic of them all.
I believe in…second chances.
I believe in…little miracles.
I believe in…that laughter is the best medicine.
I believe...that your body and your mind are never the same after a baby.
I believe in…God, Heaven and Hell.
I believe…the best shoes are your two bare feet.
I believe in…standing up for yourself and what you believe in.
I believe in…doing things outside your comfort zone.
I believe…a child’s laugh is the greatest sound and will automatically brighten your day.
I believe…that everything tastes better with bacon and cheese.
I believe in...bleeding black and gold (Go Hawkeyes!!).
I believe in…me.
What do you believe?  Link up with the fabulous Erin at Living in Yellow.

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  1. the windows down, singing in the shower, date nights and getting lost in a book...looks like we are a friend match made in heaven! We have so much in common, this might as well be my "believe in post" too! So glad you found me!


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