The Other Half of Our Weekend

Last weekend, we attended the wedding of Barney's first sister.  He doesn't actually have a sister (or a brother for that matter), but if he did, the Pingel girls would be it.  He teases them like a brother would and is sort of protective over them. 

The oldest sister got married over the weekend and it was beautiful.  It was the first time we took Quinn to a wedding and reception (she had been to my cousin's reception over the summer with my parents).  

To my surprise, she actually was one of the quiet kid's throughout the ceremony.  I thought at one point she would have a meltdown so I just shoved some food in her face and she was happy.  She wouldn't sit still and I could tell she wanted to run around but we managed to keep her contained.  She even clapped at the end of the ceremony.

At the reception, all Quinn wanted to do was eat and run down the hall into the men's restroom so my feet didn't fare very well by the end of the night.  That and when Quinn laid down on the dance floor, I knew she was tired so I put her in the stroller and pushed her around for 20 minutes until she fell asleep.

It was a beautiful wedding...the bride and her attendants as pretty as can be, the men dapper, and the weather absolutely gorgeous!

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